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Admin 2023-05-13

Building Stronger Families Through Intellectual Empowerment and Support, HFDI Continue To Impact Families Through Her Program Tagged, 'Ebi Alayo'

Ebi Alayo is one of our many programs geared towards empowering parents with the practical tools they need to foster stronger family bonds. Our program is designed for parents and children of all ages to learn how to build healthy relationships that last a lifetime.

In the course of this program, we do make sure to always focus on the most important aspects of family development, including:

- Understanding the unique dynamics between parents and children

- Developing effective communication skills that enable greater empathy and mutual respect

- Identifying practical strategies for building resilience and overcoming challenges

- Creating a supportive and nurturing home environment that encourages growth and development

Our team of dedicated professionals brings decades of experience in counseling, education, and family therapy to help guide participants through each stage of the program. We offer a variety of engaging activities and exercises designed to help families bond and grow together.

Whether you're looking to strengthen family relationships, create new connections, or learn valuable skills for your own personal development, our program has something for everyone.

On 12th and 13th of May, 2023 on ICHASSA-2 Project for Kwara State, our team held her Ebi Alayo program at Oyun L.G.A. of Kwara State where we had parents and their adolescent children in attendance. Various topics ranging from spending quality time together, to praise and emotions, to mention but a few, were discussed.

In the same vein, a similar program was also held at Ilorin-South L.G.A. of Kwara State where we also impacted different families on matters concerning the home front.

This is a program we give our all for to spread across various communities in our society.

Join us today and discover how you can empower your family to thrive and flourish.