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Admin 2023-05-10

HFDI Join World Lupus Federation to Create Awareness on Lupus

On this day, HFDI joins the world to mark World Lupus Day. Every May 10, which marks World Lupus Day, is a day where people get to be informed and made aware of the existence of lupus.

Lupus is a disease that affects all, regardless of one's nationality, gender, religion, age, etc. It is toxic enough to cause damage to any part of the body (both internal and external).

HFDI being a part of this sensitization and awareness is our way of joining the world to call and draw people's attention to the existence of this disease in society and the world at large as a humanitarian platform, whose passion is in rendering selfless services and supporting humanity in the best possible way.

As a body that has been making it a point of duty to sensitize and orient people on various services, which include but are not limited to patient health care services, we join in playing our part in this noble cause.

We enjoyed it and urge everyone to be health conscious and always seek medical attention for any slight or strange body functionality.

In this fight, we all have a role to play as individuals.