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Entrepreneurial Training: Entrepreneurial development training program by HFDI is created to provide an alternative route to gainful employment for economically disadvantaged individuals through establishment of their own business even in a small scale. As result of this effort since 2009 more than 500 beneficiaries have completed training.

Skill Acquisition & Equipment Support: Skill acquisition is one of the major ways by which economically disadvantaged groups get empowered. To this effect, HFDI do engage the Youth, Older VC, single parents and widows in skill acquisition alongside equipment supports so as to get them empowered economically with self-reliance and independent living across the states offices.

These beneficiaries are trained based on their areas of need or interest and then after the training, equipment are provided for each of the trainee based on what they are trained on. The vocational training includes; Tailoring, Shoe Making, Barbing, Hair Dressing, catering/interior Deco and other Pastries.