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Village Savings & Loans Association (VSLA): VSLA is a self- selected group of people (usually unregistered) who pool their money into a fund from which members can borrow. This can otherwise be called saving club which has proven popular worldwide.

Since it is difficult even impossible for a single individual to be rich without someone’s contribution directly or indirectly, therefore it is important to come together and leverage on what an individual of people can do so as to achieve greater things which may not be possible solely for an individual to achieve.

So this will help the caregivers and beneficiaries to save based on their abilities and access loan when needed to boost their businesses and repayment is made accordingly and thereby able to save for raining day, provide the basic needs for their children.

To this effect, HFDI has established 15 functional Saving and Loan Associations (SLA) across the communities in our state offices. This programme has put smiles to over 500 peoples’ mouth in recent time as more women petty traders are also ready to be empowered as well.