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Child Protection Committee: This intervention programme to offer protection to the children and their family at large is considered very essential; hence the need to make and put into action programmes that are at the paramount interest of these children.

These intervention programmes should include effort to deal with and diminish the veracity of stigma and social disregard faced by vulnerable children, also abuse and exploitation including trafficking. Children are very vulnerable to abuse; therefore, there is need for protection service for these children to ensure that children are not subjected to any form of abuse, violence, exploitation, neglect, stigma and discrimination. Children faced with this challenge are exceptionally out in the open to abuse and retarded growth.

The service of a caregiver becomes necessary here to curb this abuse and also, institutional reaction to the challenge at this spot is vital to meet the needs of these children. It ensures that these children are socially acknowledged loved and have access to essential services and basic rights as other children in the society.