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Access to Good & Quality Water Supply: A safe, reliable, affordable, and easily accessible water supply is essential for good health. Yet, for several decades, about a billion people in developing countries like Nigeria have not had a safe and sustainable water supply.

It has been estimated that a minimum of 7.5 litres of water per person per day is required in the home for drinking, preparing food, and personal hygiene, the most basic requirements for water; at least 50 litres per person per day is needed to ensure all personal hygiene, food hygiene, domestic cleaning, and laundry needs.

For this reason, HFDI has partnered with various organizations to support the provision of good and quality water supply in the state so as to end the inadequate access to safe drinking water is also associated with several nondiarrhoeal diseases, chronic or acute exposure to many organic and inorganic chemical agents which has been implicated in adverse health effects that range from acute nausea and vomiting or skin rashes, to cancer and foetal abnormalities