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Environmental sanitation and General Hygiene Programme: HFDI has engaged in comprehensive response involving community awareness, public education and information dissemination towards empowering the general public, health care workers, media practitioners and other relevant stakeholders in addressing the health and social challenges posed by improper hygiene in the community.

HFDI can modestly say that it has contributed to Sanitation and Hygiene Promotions in Osun, Kwara and Oyo States Nigeria in particular.

As part of HFDI contribution to environmental sanitation and general hygiene programme, HFDI conducted sensitizations during the Global Hand Washing Day commemoration 2014 in different schools in Oyo, Osun and Kwara States. HFDI with support from the school authorities and State Rural Water and Environmental Agency were able to reach out to a total 17,549 students across the schools with messages on diseases prevention through effective hand washing with soaps during the sensitization program. This comprised of 8,176 male and 9,373 female.