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HIV Prevention programme: HIV/AIDS is a major source of concern all over the world as it constitutes a major source of death and a treat to national development. The virus has negative impact on economic, social and political development of any nation that has its high rate.

Nigeria is one of the countries with a relatively high prevalence of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. This program focuses on Prevention of HIV infection through provision of HIV Counseling and Testing (HTC)/PMTCT services and all forms of HIV prevention programmes e.g. MPPI to In-school Youths/Out of school Youths, Uniform Service Men, Migrant Workers and general Population in the community in order to reduce new infection of HIV most especially among Young people (The Youths).

Primary prevention as a strategy in prevention of new infection remains a major key in reducing the spread of HIV in any intervention program. This program focused on prevention of new infection among the in- school, out of school youths Uniform Service Men and Migrant Workers in communities in Osun, Oyo and Kwara State.

To this effect HFDI conducted series of community sensitization and mobilization to rural and urban communities where it works in order to promote healthy living among the target groups. 25,000 community people were reached with HIV prevention messages in the year 2014.