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The Integrated Health Unit of HFDI conducted series of community sensitization and mobilization to rural communities where it works in order to promote healthy living among the target groups. Knowledge level of over 12,402 (5,943 male and 6,459 female) community members from 10 communities in 2 LGAs of Kwara State, 43 communities in 11 LGAs of Osun state, 10 communities in 4 LGA of Akwa-Ibom, 6 communities in 4 LGAs of Oyo state, five communities in 2 LGA of Kogi state and four communities in 2 LGAs of Benue state were improved directly on Malaria prevention as well as Treatment, benefit of using Long Lasting Insecticide Nets (LLINs), maintenance of LLINs and the advantages of living in clean environment.

Over 2,045 community members in Kwara State, 5,126 community members in Osun State, 3,066 community members in Akwa-Ibom State, 2,257 community members in Oyo State, 2,005 community members in Kogi State and 1,026 community members in Benue State attitude and behaviour towards malaria prevention and control have been changed positively. They are now using LLINs and ACT to prevent and treat Malaria; this has contributed to the reduction of malaria burden in the states mentioned and Nigeria in general.