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Tuberculosis is a disease that caused a lot of untimely death in Nigeria and world in general. It is in the light of this that ATM CSS Project Round 9 Phase 2 programme is set to generate demand for ATM services at government Health facilities in Osun and Kwara States.

The methods used to achieve this programme are advocacy, social mobilization and referral services.The demand generation activity created awareness on the effort the government and Global fund in providing quality and time services at the health facilities across the country.

The activity also makes people to access the services at PHCs. HFDI being one of the 10 CBOs working on this project in the two states, have created 30 demand generations in 4 LGAs of the two states from June to December 2013 to referrer 852 community members (301 male and 542 female) while 306 (81 male and 225 female) among the referred got to the facility and were provided with the services.