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Admin Jan 01, 1970


Wife of the head of Banke Village Head and agrarian community located close to Ira in Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Mrs Grace Bode now has a new story to share. Has is a story of total financial liberation and comfort as she no longer relies on her husband to cater for all her needs for the home.

Before the introduction of HFDI Loan Scheme Mrs Bode was living from hand to mouth, as she could Bode for all the financial and domestic needs of her family.  However, the stay of the 44 year old woman has changed for good as she now lives comfortably with her husband and five children in Banke Village.

Mrs Bode while explaining her story she said through she has been a petty trader since she married over 20 years ago, but the business was not forthcoming until recently when she took a loan of #25,000, which she used to stock palm oil in large quantity and sell after some time.

Today Mrs Bode lives large in her village and she assists her husband in the upkeep of her family. Her finance is now strong and she does not need her husband before she could maintain her home. Mrs Bode said all the women in the village have