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Admin Jan 01, 1970


THE STAY AND TESTIMONIES OF Mrs Fasilat Afolabi  who hailed from Aro’s compound in Ira, Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State are pathetic before the introduction of the HFDI loan scheme, Mrs Afolabi lived in  abject poverty and she could not take care of her home front as she lived from hand to mouth. The same Mrs Afolabi who could not pay house rent, has already started her building project now. From her one room apartment, where she lived with her children Mrs Afolabi said she will soon move out into her own house as its under construction already that she started building through the proceed of her business that was made stable because of HFDI Loan scheme. She said I joined the organization after much pressure and pleas by my friends and relatives who were already in the system after contributing into the loan schemes, I have taken oan to the tune of #100000 and the money was invested into my business, and this in turn brought good harvest to my family”.

She added that the proceed  that “from the proceeds of my business which I started whit the loan I took about a year ago, I have started my own building project and my children are now doing well in their educational pursuit as I pay their school fees regularly and also provide for their dosmetic needs”.

Commenting on the mode of refund of the loan, Mrs Afolabi who is now a successful business woman said the interest on the loan was meagre and the mode of return was convenient for all members of her group. However, like Oliver Twist, who always asked for more, Mrs Afolabi solicited for more financial aid from the organization, saying that would promote the futures of her family.