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Admin Jan 01, 1970


Mrs Ganiyat Ishola, a trader in Ira, Oyun Local Government area of Kwara State said at a time her business suffers severe setback, the HFDI came to her rescue and prevented her big meagre business from imminent collapse. She noted that the organization’s loan scheme has impacted through the loan scheme.

Mrs Ishola who recalled that she was introduced into the organization through one of her business associates, stressed that the roles of HFDI in the economy and finance of her home was unequivocal as she now has what it takes to be a responsible, and supportive women and wife.

Until recently, she noted that her business had suffered serious setback done to financial challenges a situation which made it extremely difficult for her cater for the domestic needs of her family.

However, the situation has changed and she now feels a sigh of relief following the empowerment programme of HFDI. Also, Mrs Ishola said is now able to buy food at home cater for the needs of her chidren and also provides for the relatives. These, she noted were made possible through the support of HFDI, especially its loan scheme. She narrated that “HFDI has transformed my life and my entire family has been significantly blesses through HFDI programmes and policies. Every member of my life now has respect for me”