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Admin Jan 01, 1970


Soliu Taiwo lost his mother shortly after he was born and lost his father at the age of 16, therefore became an orphan at a very tender age when he needed his parent most.

At 17, life became deeply miserable for him as there was no one to turn to. There is no father, no mother, neither was there any relative to cater for his training either in school or at a mechanic workshop where he had desired to undergo apprenticeship. Taiwo eventually changed when a teacher in his school, Tawakalitu general school, offa, introduced him to HFDI. Since then, the organization took care of him care and served as his benefactor ever since.

He was enrolled in a mechanic workshop in offa, where he has almost completed his apprenticeship under the tender age of Mr. Muftau Adebisi who confirmed that the HFDI has provided all the equipment Taiwo needs to establish his own workshop.

Any moment from now, Mr. Adebisi said Taiwo will round off his training  and sets up his own workshop as he now possess all that he needs to practice as a mechanic.

Taiwo while applauding the HFDI, stated that the organization also provides free medical care for him since he had come in contact with the organization, adding that his education was not by any way affected by the training he undergoes at the mechanic workshop.

Also, his boss, Mr. Adebisi corroborated the views of Taiwo by saying that ‘the young boy has recorded many achievements and successes. He can work an his without any supervision and all the needed equipment have been made available for him by HFDI’