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Admin Jan 01, 1970


Until recently the people of banke village in Oyun local government area of Kwara state live under the fear of contacting water bone disease. Palpable fear of contacting water bone disease often grip the residents of banke village , a village located in the eastern part of Kwara state in the north central part of Nigeria.

Many lives have been lost to water related disease as a result of lack of portable water in the village. However the people of banke village now sing a new song as HFDI has come to the rescue of the village

Besides, the organisation, in which is a non-profit making and non-governmental one has also given succor to the people of the village through soft loan provide for them. Many residents of the village can now boast of their businesses.

According to chief Joseph bode, the head of the village the residents of the village often enjoy medical treatment courtesy of HFDI.

He said the health and medical facilities provide by HFDI have contributed significantly to the wellbeing of the people of the community, saying the entire community has improve as a result of the medical facilities.