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Admin Jan 01, 1970


Mr Samuel Omotosho, a peasant farmer in Ira, Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara state could   not afford to pay the tuition fee of his children in primary and secondary school before. However, Omotosho informed that the introduction of loan scheme by the Hope for Family  Development Initiative (HFDI) has changed the living standard of his family, as he can now comfortably pay the school fees of his children.  A farmer, who could not lowest of much farming input, Omotosho said he had benefited from the loan scheme initiative by HFDI and he had taken up to #35000, loan at different times.

The loan taken by Mr Omotosho was invested on farming and today he has a farm plantation of tomatoes and maize which produced at a large turn out for him in returns, from which proceeds he use to take care of his family and others. Today Mr Omotosho can conveniently pay his family and also maintain his home as the head of the family.

Mr Omotosho stressed his resolve to continue with the HFDI programme just as he said to remain ever grateful to HFDI, emphasizing the importance of the organization to his financial liberation in life, which he said has made him a force to reckon with in his family and community.