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Youth Friendly Activity (Holiday Youth Camp): The Holiday Youth Camp is an annual programme organizes by HFDI for the youths so as to equip them with needed knowledge which make them relevant in life. The participants of the week long camp(Holiday Youth Camp) usually come from all over Nigeria.

During this one week event, participants are taken through topics such as leadership development, life building skills (assertiveness, decision making, value and value formation, self-esteem and goal setting), Adolescent and Reproductive health including HIV & AIDS and how to prevent them.

The sessions were not like the normal classroom ways of teaching as each session were highly participatory in nature. Vocational training sessions on tie and dye, soap making and Baking do also featured during the camp so as to improve the capability of the participants to be their own bosses and to make them learn the value of hard work.

During the youth camp, participants organize an event called variety night and talent hunt in which they showcase their talents and showed team spirit and were able to learn that they can organize events themselves without the supervision of adults, the participant performed songs, dance, drama, mimed and also stand-up-comedy. The participants also used the opportunity to have fun.

All the participants also took part in morning drill so as to stay fit and energetic, the participant conduct morning devotion everyday so as to stay close to their God. Advocacy visit was also paid to the some relevant stake holders to solicit their support for the youth in their domain and also to inform them about what the orphan and vulnerable children are going through Community development project was also embarked upon with the participants cutting the weed around chosen place in the community where the programme is taking place, all the participants take part in the cutting of the weed so as to make the area clean, beautiful and make it habitable and attractive youth friendly.

The excursion which is an important component of the camp take place when the participants visited an important tourist site where they lean new thing and get familiar with historical things at the place. During the evening during the camp the participant take part in indoors and outdoor recreational activities such as volleyball, football, snake and ladder, whot, dart e.t.c. Finally, Holiday Youth Camp ends with the camp fire night where the participants gathered fire woods for the campfire, the participants sang and danced round the fire.